What the Girls Mean to Us

Miss Amazing Inc. can only grow and evolve as long as the participants continue to shoot for their personal success. It is this inspiring determination that brings communities together and encourages everyone involved to make the most of their lives. We at Miss Amazing Inc. listen to the participants’ goals and dreams and use them to guide the organization.


What We Believe

We believe that all people should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Through the Miss Amazing Pageant and other Miss Amazing programs, we hope to give girls and women with disabilities that opportunity. In an atmosphere built around encouragement and support, we believe the Miss Amazing Pageant can bring the community together and encourage further inclusion for individuals with special needs. 


A Circle Of Giving

The Miss Amazing pageant is different from any other pageant because the participants have the opportunity to give back their communities by simply entering in the pageant! The only entrance fee is five cans of food. This feature of the organization not only allows the participants to become active members of the community, but also ensures that their participation in the program is in no way a drain on their personal finances. Once these cans are collected, the six division representatives kick off their reign by donating them to a local homeless shelter or food pantry. This is how Miss Amazing offers girls with disabilities the opportunity to use their newly acquired skills from the Miss Amazing Pageant to become community leaders and change-makers. Our hope is to inspire the Miss Amazing queens and princesses with this community service project to put their talents to work and give back in their own way!

Jordan Somerʼs Creation

My enthusiasm for pageants began at the ripe age of seven years old. It was at this age when pageants became a fun, annual event for me to learn a bit about myself. Because of pageants, I became deeply invested in my future and was taught to plan for that future with self-confidence and unwavering commitment. Overall, pageants taught me that success was not getting first place, but letting myself take control over the person I wanted to become.

I first had the wonderful opportunity of working with people with special needs at the Special Olympics. This experience was so extraordinary for me because I saw success everywhere I turned- on the track, the field, and each level of the award platforms. The Special Olympic participants had goals, were striving for self-confidence in their events, and seemed to be 100% committed to performing their very best. I thought it was truly amazing that the participants were able to let their abilities to take center stage so that they could accomplish their goals. This organization was enriching the lives of people with disabilities and I wanted to be a part of the effect.

In November of 2007, I used what I knew to contribute to the special needs community- I held the first annual Miss Amazing pageant. What began as my way to share my experiences with girls with disabilities in Nebraska, has become my passion and future career. To date, the Miss Amazing pageant has raised over $50,000 and 750 pounds of food for the Nebraska community. The mission is now spreading nationwide with 11 state pageants being held spring/ summer of 2012. The more communities that are involved, the stronger Miss Amazing Inc. will be because the communities will inspire the organization’s design. The participants, volunteers, friends, family and community leaders will be the ones to shape Miss Amazing Inc. into something that truly highlights the abilities of those with disabilities.

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