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Girls ages 10 to 35 that plan on attending and participating in the Miss Amazing pageant are going to love this experience. The state applicants at the Miss Amazing pageant learn valuable life-skills that will help them define and reach for their unique goals and dreams. The interview, introduction, and evening wear areas of competition, will offer each applicant the opportunity to focus on her abilities and to celebrate them! Enroll today in your state’s event by simply providing us with the following information. You will receive updates regarding the event from your state director in the near future.


Pre-teen 10-12
Jr teen 13-15
Teen 16-19
Junior Miss 20-23
Miss 24-27
Senior Miss 28-35

Rising Stars

The Rising Star division is a fun division for girls ages 5 to 9 who plan on attending and participating in the Miss Amazing pageant Rising Star program. The Rising Star experience will begin one hour before the Miss Amazing final show and will end after the final show. This program was created to ease the younger amazing participants into the Miss Amazing pageant. Their experience will begin one hour before the final show when they will be instructed by the Rising Star coordinator on how to old the microphone and introduce themselves on stage during their portion of the final show! This process ensures that the Rising Stars will be well rested and energetic for their time in the spotlight. By providing us with the following information, you will be enrolled as a Rising Star! You will receive more information about the event from your state director after you sign up here. Download more information about the Rising Star division here.

Shooting Stars

The Shooting Star division offers women ages 35 and older the opportunity to participate in the Miss Amazing Pageant for life. During the Final Show, each Shooting Star will have her moment in the spotlight to introduce herself to the audience. Shooting Stars are asked to arrive shortly before the Final Show to practice their onstage presentation with the other women in their division. They will also practice with the younger Rising Stars and act as their big sisters throughout the experience! The Shooting Star division is the perfect chance for women to further their social and communication skills and grow as leaders. Download more information about the Shooting Star division here.

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We welcome you to join us this year at Miss amazing Pageants happening across many states. All applicants must provide any of the following proofs of disability upon applying: IEP, 504 plan, SSI, or physician's documentation of disability. All applicants must also apply to the state pageant of the state in which they reside. Click here to apply and read below about the exciting opportunities that await for you as a participant in our incredible journey as Miss Amazing.

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